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To mike's cookies

Local toledo, ohio cookie bakery

Often, cookies are an afterthought relegated to the bottom of a bakery menu. I think cookies can be every bit as tasty and delicious as more elaborate desserts. I use my knowledge of baking science to create cookies that are packed full of flavor. My engineering background allows me to take a methodical approach to baking where I am continually refining my recipes to take my cookies to the next level.

Not just another Cookie

Carefully Developed Recipes

I am constantly striving to refine my recipes through the application of baking science.

Finest Quality ingredients

A cookie is never more than the sum of its parts, so I use only premium-quality ingredients.

Individually Wrapped

For maximum freshness, longevity, and giftability, my cookies are individually wrapped in heat-sealed bags.

Conventional & Vegan+GF

I offer a variety of both conventional and Vegan+GF cookies.

hand-baked to order

Fresh Cookies

Nobody likes a stale cookie, so all of my cookies are baked to order for maximum shelf life.

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"Today me will live in the moment, unless it’s unpleasant, in which case me will eat a cookie."


free delivery with orders over £50

delivered fresh seven days a week

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